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Server software for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Nukkit for Minecraft 1.4.0 can now be found on our Jenkins CI starting from build #165.

Edit: 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 are just client fixes! Players will still be able to join.

This comes with no support for the new blocks added in Update Aquatic since it will require some major block and chunk rewriting or a temporary hack to convert legacy block IDs to new run-time IDs for the paletted chunks.

If you find any bugs on the latest builds, please report them to the GitHub issue tracker unless they have already been reported.
Changes to Domain and Important Update For Developers

New Website https://nukkitx.com/
Please note that your old login from https://potestas.xyz will remain working. No need to make a new account.

Jenkins Server Domain Has Also Been Updated

Please remember to update your maven repository to NukkitX so that any API changes will not cause your plugin to throw errors on the new versions.
Since we do not allow direct file uploads to the resource section, it would be recommended to host your releases off from GitHub's release section and directly link them here. Other file sharing services like dropbox and mediafire don't allow direct link access and usually redirect viewers to advertisements which is unwanted. Here is an article on how to create releases: https://help.github.com/articles/creating-releases/

EDIT: We now allow direct JAR uploads so there is no need to use GitHub releases anymore.
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