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New Member, Male, from Japan

    1. Jan 6, 2019 OwnerSCIFahrul
      try to see the screenshot of this link: http://prntscr.com/m3m6on

      does the plugin work on the latest version of the nukkit? or that version at least?

      please repair all the nukkit versions working on one version of the latest update plugin...
      1. Johnmacrocraft
        Johnmacrocraft Jan 6, 2019
        As far as I can tell, it is not caused by my plugin. There's a line called Caused by: ~ at net.berry64.Nukkit.Essentials.~, which means the error is caused by that plugin. Also, for the plugin being disabled, I already mentioned that on the reply to your review: the plugin disables itself when the server has xbox auth disabled but invert mode (plugin) disabled (disabled is default) or xbox auth enabled but invert...
      2. Johnmacrocraft
        Johnmacrocraft Jan 6, 2019
        ...mode enabled, since it makes no sense for plugin to work on these two situations. You might have saw the warning message about this on the console if I'm right.

        If you still think it is caused by my plugin, please send the full server log to me, so that I can find out the problem.
      3. Johnmacrocraft
        Johnmacrocraft Jan 6, 2019
        Add: So the error is caused by Essentials (berry64), since it tries to import TextContainer from event. TextContainer moved from event to lang long time ago.
        Also, to enable or disable xbox auth, set xbox-auth on server.properties to true (enable) or false (disable).
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    Founder of DAMAT, InfiniteWorld and member of FrontierDevs. I code using [Java, PHP] (Main), Javascript and Visual Basic.

    Proofreader of NukkitX in Korean and Japanese.
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