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ASkyBlock v0.4.8-Alpha

The classic skyblock plugin.

  1. MrPotato101
    Compatible API Versions:


    Welcome to our first Nukkit Epic-Games, SkyBlock. Perfect for a server production and supports NukkitX! We ensure that this plugin will be free lag and bug-free. Included with special futures from other contributors from Bukkit. This plugin also come with a multi-language that we are still working on it. A lot of commands and feels like the real Bukkit plugin.


    This plugin require a DbLib plugin that can be found in lib/ directory. We recommended to use latest DbLib plugin.

    So far, We just implemented these features:
    • Classic SkyBlock game
    • Schematic map load, you can pick your own island
    • Magic cobble generator, yeah its available my dudes
    • Locale system, Wow fancy
    • Challenges feature, uHmm
    • Protection settings, No more griefers in your island
    • Load/Unload player inventory when teleport to island
    • Safe teleportation trough island, no need to be afraid get into void
    • Fancy title when teleported to island, Its real
    • Intractable with Panel and FormAPI
    • You name it!

    For your information, we will updating our wiki on our github page! It will be updated from time to time. For now, we just documented all the commands and their permission on the page! There still a lot more to be done, but your patient is much appreciated.



    As you always know, We tried to make this plugin stay alive, We are human being too! We do appreciate you donation to our PayPal account: http://www.paypal.me/DoubleCheese

    If you wanted to contact me such as suggestion, bugs and etc. Don't hesitate to contact me trough discord!
    I will always read your messages, Trust me

    Discord ID: MrPotato101#0060


    Well, as the plugin develops, we could create a very huge mistake when we releasing every new build of this plugin. If you found an issue in this plugin, please create a new issue on our github. Suggestion is very likely to be accepted. Make sure when you trying to create an issue, you reproduce your issue correctly so we could understand your situation and fixes your issue as fast as possible.

    Github issue tracker: https://github.com/TheSolidCrafter/ASkyBlock-Nukkit/issues/new

Recent Reviews

  1. Fengyezi
    Version: v0.4.8-Alpha
    If magma is turned into Obsidian by players, how can it be restored?
  2. coke
    Version: v0.4.8-Alpha
    **The permission nodes weren’t straight forward so I dug around and eventually found them.
  3. AlexPads
    Version: v0.4.2
  4. DobeShadow
    Version: v0.3.9
    What a great plugin. I am a Chinese and a Nukkit loyal fan. I want to share it with Chinese Forum MCBBS. Can you agree with me?
    1. MrPotato101
      Author's Response
      Go on :) Its good to let people discover this plugin
  5. Sulfatezzz
    Version: v0.3.9
    Great Plugin - keep it up!
    1. MrPotato101
      Author's Response
      Thank you :) there been a lot of trouble making this plugin