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Experimental EconomyAPI MySQL Provider [Add-on] 1.0.0

EconomyAPI MySQL Provider

  1. Schdow
    Compatible API Versions:
    Warning: This plugin sends synchronous requests to the server specified in the config which may affect server performance depending on the database speed and network latency!

    EconomyAPI MySQL Provider

    This plugin adds a MySQL Provider to EconomyAPI.

    How to use:
    Download the plugin and put it on your server.
    2. Start your server and edit the config.yml from EAPIMySQLProvider
    2.1: In the file, you need to provide the MySQL connection details. Without it, it won't work.
    3. Go into your EconomyAPI plugin folder, open config.yml and set provider to "mysql"
    4. Restart your server and have fun using EAPIMySQLProvider.

Recent Reviews

  1. KingAli
    Version: 1.0.0
    Amazing , Nice Joob!
    1. Schdow
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)