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Factions 1.7.0

Factions for Nukkit

  1. PetteriM1
    Compatible API Versions:
    Factions - Guilding and user-controlled antigrief plugin for Minecraft

    This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war.

    The goals of this plugin:

    • The players should be able to take care of anti-griefing themselves.
    • Inspire politics and intrigues on your server.
    • Guilding and team spirit! :)
    The chat console command is:

    • /f
    This command has subcommands like:

    • /f create MyFactionName
    • /f invite MyFriendsName
    • /f claim
    • /f map
    • ... etc
    You may also read the documentation ingame as the plugin ships with an ingame help manual. Read the help pages like this:

    • /f help 1
    • /f help 2
    • /f help 3

Recent Reviews

  1. rmellis
    Version: 1.7.0
    Awesome Plugin!
    This is an amazing quality remake of the original factions plugin and seems more stable in some ways, differently recommend trying this, overall very fun and well made plugin that improves every release
  2. BootheBoys
    Version: 1.7.0
    Everything is so well made- except for there is no setting to enable Obsidian to be able to be blown up. That is a crucial part of factions. Also, the wither is not spawnable, which would also be a great addition to this plug-in, but I am way more worried about the obsidian bases being invincible.
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      Withers have nothing to do with factions plugin, they are not even implemented to Nukkit. If you need withers use Mob Plugin. Also if you need plugin that makes explosions break obsidian contact me.