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GSounds 5.0

GSounds - Add Join, Left, Death sounds!

  1. Amazing improvements and more features added?!

    Change log:
    1.Added API---Play sound easily in your plugin!
    1.Create a gsound.api.SoundPlayer object.
    2.Set the coordinate(Remember to reset it everytime).
    3.Play sound!
    -playAt: Play the sound at given position.
    -playTo: Only play the sound to the given players(note the positions won't change so if the players are far from it, they won't hear it).
    -playFor: Play the sound to the given player(the positions are changed to the player).

    G.M is the creator of this plugin!
    I am...
  2. Gsound - New update, More things!

    -Added support for delayed sounds.
    -Minor bugs fixed.
    -Reformatted the structure.
  3. More features, Plugin better more

    Change log
    1. Better performance.
    2. Added /playsound command.
    3. Minor bugs fixed.
  4. GSounds

    You can get from this plugin,
    Fully customized, Death, Quit, Join, Sounds!,
    Unique plugin!,

    --|---------->WHAT THIS PLUGIN CAN DO?<----------|--
    Plugin can give you a chance to change Join, Quit, Death sounds!,
    1 - Death sounds editable!...