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Holograms 2.5

Simple holograms

  1. CreeperFace
    Compatible API Versions:

    First you have to create a new hologram instance by /hologram <hologram ID> (you cannot use "edit" or "update" as hologram ID)

    if you want to edit/remove a hologram later use command /hologram edit - it will open a configuration UI where you can change its position, text etc. (This command automatically selects the nearest hologram to you.)

    (For colors you can use '&' instead of '§')

    Creating a new hologram

    a) General tab
    In general tab you canchange the position of the hologram, autoupdate or remove it.

    [​IMG] There you can set exact hologram position

    [​IMG] In "move" part you can offset the hologram

    [​IMG] And on the bottom you can remove hologram instance or change autoupdate interval (values lower than 0 means not update), autoupdate is good for example if you want to display current time.

    b) Text Settings
    In "text settings" you can change/add new lines and translations

    [​IMG] Text field (separated to translations and lines)

    [​IMG] Here you can add new lines or translations (or remove with negative value)


    Code (Text):

    #distance between separate lines
    lines_gaps: 0.3

    #if hologram packets should be compressed asynchronously
    async_batch: false

    #how often should be holograms saved to config (in minutes)
    save_interval: 5
    Basic video tutorial: (for older version)

    hologram.use - permission to use /hologram command

    Holograms also provides basic support for multi languaged holograms which means every player can see different text. However this feature is dependent on another plugin/library which tells hologram what language player uses. There is not any public language plugin as I know so if you are a developer you can use simple API to get translations working

    You can use placeholders in holograms to show some actual information on hologram. To enable this, install PlaceholderAPI plugin which provides that

    Plugin API
    Whole documented API can be found here

    basic usage

    HologramAPI api = HologramAPI.getInstance(); //to get API instance

    in HologramAPI are methods to
    - get Hologram instance


    1. Výstřižek.PNG
    2. Výstřižek1.PNG
    3. Výstřižek2.PNG
    4. Výstřižek3.PNG
    5. Výstřižek4.PNG

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    I like it, But I was hope if we can really add blocks icons, Like this plugin icon!.
    1. CreeperFace
      Author's Response
      Thank you, but I don't know what you mean.
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    Version: 2.3
    Great plugin, works perfect.
  3. LoveCraft
    Version: 2.1
    Awesome plugin.
    Ill take back the other rating now that its working.
    1. CreeperFace
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I'll make it better when I'll have a time :/
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    Version: 2.0
    How great a plugin!I like it, I want to share this plugin to the Chinese Forum MCBBS, can you agree with me?
  5. User_1
    Version: 2.0
    i like this because its ez of use with its UI interface and makes the server prsentible