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LuckChat 1.6-Beta

Chat formatting plugin for LuckPerms

  1. Zen
    Compatible API Versions:
    Zen, SupremeMortal

    A simple chat formatting plugin for LuckPerms.


    On first run, config.yml will be created and include all of your existing groups automatically with basic format as example.
    If needed, you can set FirstRun to 'true', which will set the groups again.

    Configure your chat and nametag format in config.yml using placeholders.


    〘⌬〙%name% for Username.
    〘⌬〙%disname% for DisplayName (Needed if you want to use nicknames in future updates)

    Moved from placeholder API because it fails to show these correctly. Now will work without PlaceholderAPI
    〘⌬〙%player_health% - get the player's health
    〘⌬〙%player_max_health% - get the player's max health
    〘⌬〙%player_saturation% - get the player's saturation level
    〘⌬〙%player_food% - get the player's food level

    〘⌬〙%prefix% for prefix [Provided by LuckPerms] https://nukkitx.com/resources/luckperms.51/
    〘⌬〙%suffix% for suffix [Provided by LuckPerms] https://nukkitx.com/resources/luckperms.51/
    〘⌬〙%group% for group [Provided by LuckPerms] https://nukkitx.com/resources/luckperms.51/
    〘⌬〙%faction% for Faction tag [Provided by Factions] https://nukkitx.com/resources/factions.20/
    〘⌬〙%money% for In game currency [Provided by EconomyAPI] https://nukkitx.com/resources/economyapi.14/
    〘⌬〙%msg% for Message that you type in chat. (Not for NameTag formatting)

    〘⌬〙All of the placeholders from PlaceholderAPI is now supported. https://nukkitx.com/resources/placeholderapi.104/

    〘⌬〙%player% - get the player's name (%name% alternative if you have PlaceholderAPI)
    〘⌬〙%player_displayname% - get the player's display name (%disname% alternative if you have PlaceholderAPI)

    〘⌬〙%player_uuid% - get the player's UUID
    〘⌬〙%player_ping% - get the player's ping
    〘⌬〙%player_level% - get the player's level name
    〘⌬〙%player_can_fly% - Whether player is in the fly mode or not
    〘⌬〙%player_flying% - Whether player is flying or not
    〘⌬〙%player_gamemode% - get the player's gamemdoe
    〘⌬〙%player_x% - get the player's x coordinate
    〘⌬〙%player_y% - get the player's y coordinate
    〘⌬〙%player_z% - get the player's z coordinate
    〘⌬〙%player_direction% - get the player's look direction
    〘⌬〙%player_exp% - get the player's cuurent experience
    〘⌬〙%player_exp_to_next% - get experience required to the player's next experience level
    〘⌬〙%player_exp_level% - get the player's experience level
    〘⌬〙%player_speed% - get the player's current speed
    〘⌬〙%player_max_air% - get the player's max air
    〘⌬〙%player_remaining_air% - get the player's remaining air
    〘⌬〙%player_item_in_hand% - get the item player hold

    〘⌬〙%server_online% - get current online players count
    〘⌬〙%server_max_players% - get max player count
    〘⌬〙%server_motd% - get the server motd
    〘⌬〙%server_ram_used% - get used memory
    〘⌬〙%server_ram_free% - get free memory
    〘⌬〙%server_ram_total% - get total memory
    〘⌬〙%server_ram_max% - get max memory
    〘⌬〙%server_cores% - get available processor cores
    〘⌬〙%server_tps% - get current TPS
    〘⌬〙%server_uptime% - get the current uptime

    Upcoming and future plans:

    〘⌬〙Format setup via commands.
    〘⌬〙Per-World formatting? (Gonna try..)

    If you find any bugs, contact me through Discord Zen#7791

Recent Updates

  1. Small fix
  2. Some minor fixes
  3. Added NameTag formatting

Recent Reviews

  1. EricKeiiw
    Version: 1.4-Beta
    Doesn't he have a configuration tutorial?
    1. Zen
      Author's Response
      Sorry about the incontinence.
      Loading groups removes quotes and stuff so I couldn't provide any tutorial/example in config file. If the information here isn't enough, feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to help.
  2. Wuwyr
    Version: 1.1 Beta
    Good job