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LuckPerms latest

An advanced permissions plugin for Nukkit

  1. Luck
    Compatible API Versions:
    Source Code:
    LuckPerms is an advanced permissions implementation aiming to be a fast, reliable and flexible alternative to existing permission plugins. The project's main goals are centered around high performance and a wide feature set, filling the gaps of functionality and building upon existing features found in other plugins. LuckPerms also includes an extensive API for developers, and support for a variety of Minecraft server software & data storage options.

    See the wiki article on Why LuckPerms?

    The latest versions of the plugin can be found on Jenkins.

    If you have a question, would like to report a bug, or would like help using or configuring the plugin, please go to the support section on the wiki homepage.

    Got an issue / bug to report or feature you want to request? Please open a ticket on GitHub.

    Don't understand something? LuckPerms has a huge set of Wiki pages available on GitHub, which explain a lot about how the plugin works.

    Free free to join us on Discord if you'd like to chat! :)

    You can find a complete list of commands and detailed installation instructions on the GitHub Wiki page.

    Please don't post bug reports/suggestions in the review section. The best approach is to post an issue report on GitHub (link at the top of this page), or in the discussion section.

    If you just have a question, please leave a message in the discussion section or drop by the Discord channel. Either myself or somebody else will hopefully be able to assist.

Recent Reviews

  1. CreeperFace
    Version: latest
    Very useful and customizable plugin.
    Version: latest
    I didn't like it!, It's very difficult to make a groups!, I didn't understand it!, We need YOUTUBE tutorial!.
  3. Renezoros
    Version: latest
    Great Plugin works always fine on all Minecraft Versions / Platform
  4. TheLondiux
    Version: latest
    Very nice!
  5. TreasureIsland
    Version: latest
    Great plugin, works perfect.
  6. Funniray
    Version: latest
    Luck Perms is by far the best permission plugin that I have ever used.
  7. happyvalley
    Version: latest
    LuckPerms is a very nice Permission Plugin.
    I use it in my Java editon Server,now I can use it in my nukkit Server.
    nice work my friend