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PlotSquaredPlusListener 1.0.0

This Plugin adds a few more Listener for PlotSquared

  1. depascaldc
    Compatible API Versions:
    logo.png This Plugin Adds more Listener to PlotSquared.
    Listeners Possible To Use:

    - LiquidFlow Listener - stops Liquids Flowing from Plots
    - ItemFrameDropItem Listener - stops ItemFrame Dropping item when Player who hits is not trusted
    - BlockIgnite Listener - Stops Ignition of Blocks outside of a Plot

    Example Config
    Code (Text):

      # Should the Listener for the ItemFrameDropItemEvent should listen if the player is trusted and if not be Cancelled ?
      itemframe_drop_itemevent: true
      # Should the LiquidFlowEvent be Cancelled when the BlockTO is outside of a Plot (Liquids doesnt flow aoutside plot then) ?
      liquid_flow_event: true
      # Should the BlockIgniteEvent be cancelled outside of Plots ?
      block_ignite_event: true

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