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ProtectedWorlds 1.0.2

Simple plugin to protect worlds

  1. PetteriM1
    Compatible API Versions:
    With this simple plugin you can block breaking/placing etc from non op players in worlds listed in config.

    Included in version 1.0.2:
    - Block breaking
    - Block placing
    - Bucket filling
    - Bucket emptying
    - Item dropping
    - Block igniting
    - Farmland protection
    - Pvp

    You can select what to protect in config. More options coming later.

    Permisions are protectedworlds.bypassall and protectedworlds.bypass.(world name to lower case).

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Recent Reviews

  1. DoughBoy
    Version: 1.0.2
    Works perfect. I use it for my lobby / HUB world. Thanks for another great plugin PETTERIM1.
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)