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SimpleScoreboards 2.2.1

A simple scoreboard plugin

  1. PetteriM1
    Compatible API Versions:
    A simple scoreboard plugin including placeholder support.

    This plugin uses ScoreboardAPI and PlaceholderAPI. These will be downloaded automatically.

    Available placeholders:

    %player% - get the player's name
    %player_displayname% - get the player's display name
    %player_uuid% - get the player's UUID
    %player_ping% - get the player's ping
    %player_level% - get the player's level name
    %player_can_fly% - Whether player is in the fly mode or not
    %player_flying% - Whether player is flying or not
    %player_health% - get the player's health
    %player_max_health% - get the player's max health
    %player_saturation% - get the player's saturation level
    %player_food% - get the player's food level
    %player_gamemode% - get the player's gamemdoe
    %player_x% - get the player's x coordinate
    %player_y% - get the player's y coordinate
    %player_z% - get the player's z coordinate
    %player_direction% - get the player's look direction
    %player_exp% - get the player's cuurent experience
    %player_exp_to_next% - get experience required to the player's next experience level
    %player_exp_level% - get the player's experience level
    %player_speed% - get the player's current speed
    %player_max_air% - get the player's max air
    %player_remaining_air% - get the player's remaining air
    %player_item_in_hand% - get the item player hold
    %server_online% - get current online players count
    %server_max_players% - get max player count
    %server_motd% - get the server motd
    %server_ram_used% - get used memory
    %server_ram_free% - get free memory
    %server_ram_total% - get total memory
    %server_ram_max% - get max memory
    %server_cores% - get available processor cores
    %server_tps% - get current TPS
    %server_uptime% - get the current uptime
    %time% - time
    %economy_money% - get player's money from EconomyAPI
    %factions_name% - get player's faction tag from Factions

    NOTE: Remember to enable scoreboard updating from config if you use placeholders.


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Recent Reviews

  1. RussiaLumberman
    Version: 2.2.1
    I love this Plugin!!! But could you please add "%player_itemid_in_hand%? It would be perfect for a creativ server with WorldEdit! Thank you for the plugin
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      Thanks! For more placeholders you should contact the author of PlaceholderAPI because placeholders are provided by it.
  2. younarak_tee
    Version: 2.1
    Economy does not work.
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      That will be fixed soon in next version. Also please keep bug reports on issues page in github.
  3. younarak_tee
    Version: 2.0
    This version shows the Brock id or not.

    Item ID
    1. PetteriM1
  4. OwnerSCIFahrul
    Version: 1.0
    why not function:
    <NAME> Player's name
    <WORLD> World name
    <PLAYERS> Number of players online
    <MAXPLAYERS> Max amount of players
    <PING> Player's ping
    <MONEY> Money amount from EconomyAPI

    even though I have installed the placeholders?
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      you didnt enable scoreboard updating?
    Version: 1.0
    Oh yeah finally, we hate that ScoreboardAPI. This plugin is insane!