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SimpleScoreboards 2.1.1

A simple scoreboard plugin

  1. PetteriM1
    Compatible API Versions:
    A simple scoreboard plugin including placeholder support.

    This plugin uses ScoreboardAPI and PlaceholderAPI. These will be downloaded automatically.

    Available placeholders:

    %player% - get the player's name
    %player_displayname% - get the player's display name
    %player_uuid% - get the player's UUID
    %player_ping% - get the player's ping
    %player_level% - get the player's level name
    %player_can_fly% - Whether player is in the fly mode or not
    %player_flying% - Whether player is flying or not
    %player_health% - get the player's health
    %player_max_health% - get the player's max health
    %player_saturation% - get the player's saturation level
    %player_food% - get the player's food level
    %player_gamemode% - get the player's gamemdoe
    %player_x% - get the player's x coordinate
    %player_y% - get the player's y coordinate
    %player_z% - get the player's z coordinate
    %player_direction% - get the player's look direction
    %player_exp% - get the player's cuurent experience
    %player_exp_to_next% - get experience required to the player's next experience level
    %player_exp_level% - get the player's experience level
    %player_speed% - get the player's current speed
    %player_max_air% - get the player's max air
    %player_remaining_air% - get the player's remaining air
    %player_item_in_hand% - get the item player hold
    %server_online% - get current online players count
    %server_max_players% - get max player count
    %server_motd% - get the server motd
    %server_ram_used% - get used memory
    %server_ram_free% - get free memory
    %server_ram_total% - get total memory
    %server_ram_max% - get max memory
    %server_cores% - get available processor cores
    %server_tps% - get current TPS
    %server_uptime% - get the current uptime
    %time% - time
    %economy_money% - get player's money from EconomyAPI

    NOTE: Remember to enable scoreboard updating from config if you use placeholders.


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Recent Reviews

  1. younarak_tee
    Version: 2.1
    Economy does not work.
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      That will be fixed soon in next version. Also please keep bug reports on issues page in github.
  2. younarak_tee
    Version: 2.0
    This version shows the Brock id or not.

    Item ID
    1. PetteriM1
  3. OwnerSCIFahrul
    Version: 1.0
    why not function:
    <NAME> Player's name
    <WORLD> World name
    <PLAYERS> Number of players online
    <MAXPLAYERS> Max amount of players
    <PING> Player's ping
    <MONEY> Money amount from EconomyAPI

    even though I have installed the placeholders?
    1. PetteriM1
      Author's Response
      you didnt enable scoreboard updating?
    Version: 1.0
    Oh yeah finally, we hate that ScoreboardAPI. This plugin is insane!