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SRegionProtector 17.5

flexible region protection plugin

  1. Sergey_Dertan
    Compatible API Versions:
    Flexible region protection plugin with lots of flags.
    • high performance
    • lots of flags, all list can be found HERE
    • API for another plugins
    • flexible settings
    • regions selling
    • multi language(russian and english available, translation help is welcome)
    All commands, permissions and flags can be found HERE

    Maven dependency

    Warning Some flags may not work because they are disabled, please check config.yml first

    Please report all bugs at git or telegram

Recent Updates

  1. Bring fastutil back
  2. Lpos commands, remove fastutil
  3. Sell command, commands threads

Recent Reviews

  1. OwnerSCIFahrul
    Version: 15.1
    how to install lang own language, why is there no save-language available in config.yml
    1. Sergey_Dertan
      Author's Response
      Currently plugin uses server`s laguage, I`ll add this feature in the next update