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SRegionProtector 17.5

flexible region protection plugin

  1. Bring fastutil back

    Bring fastutil back
  2. Lpos commands, remove fastutil

    • /rg lpos1/lpos2 commands - set region positions at the block player looking at
    • remove fastutil cuz minimize script dont work
  3. Sell command, commands threads

    • /rg sell & /rg removefromsale commands instead of selling with /rg flag sell command
    • editing commands executor`s threads amount in config
    • fixed block entity healer caused world saving error
  4. Multithreading, chunk files removing, regions brought

    • async commands - if enabled in config.yml all commands used through /region or /rg commands will be executed asyncly(may increase performance, disabled by default)
    • multithreaded data loading if enabled in config(may increase loading speed, enabled by default)
    • chunk files will not be used, you can remove /SRegionProtector/Chunks folder
    • hide commands - if enabled in config only /rg and /region commands will be shown
    • custom languages - if you don`t...
  5. RemoveOwnerCommand fix

    Fix remove owner command removing members
  6. New flags & commands

    Change list:
    • expand - expanding regions up or down
    • size - check selected area size(not a existing region)
    • showborder - show selected area borders by sending fake blocks(border block can be changed at config)
    • select - show region borders
    • removeborders - remove borders created by 'select' or 'showborder' command
    • crops destroy - preventing players who`s not a region members from destroying crops by jumping on it(its...
  7. Multi world fix

    Fixed regions from additional levels wont load
  8. Manual save & new flags

    • Manual save with /rgsave or /rg save commands
    • Mob damage flag(stopping entities from dealing damage to players)
    • Mob spawn flag(disable mobs, animals & water animals spawn)
  9. Auto save, auto chunk removing

    Change list
    • Performance improvements
    • Regions and chunks auto save, period can be edited in config.yml
    • Empty chunks auto removing
    • /region (/rg) command, just an alias for all other commands
    • Multi language commands description, also it can be edited in the lang file
  10. multi languages

    Added multi languages support, messages can be found at SERVER_FOLDER/Sergey_Dertan_Plugins/SRegionProtector/Lang/.
    Heal flag rework.