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SRegionProtector 13.0

flexible region protection plugin

  1. multi languages

    Added multi languages support, messages can be found at SERVER_FOLDER/Sergey_Dertan_Plugins/SRegionProtector/Lang/.
    Heal flag rework.
  2. Send chat, receive chat, heal & health regen flags;

    New flags implemented:
    • Send chat - prevent player from sending messages to chat
    • Receive chat - prevent player from receiving messages from chat
    • Heal - heals players for 3HP each second
    • Health regen - prevent player from regenerating health
    Selection problems fix
    Auto-updating config
  3. Item drop & leaves decay flags, bug fixes

    New flags: item drop & leaves decay
    !Warning! Some flags may not work because they are disabled, please check config.yml
  4. critical bug fix

    Critical loading error fix