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TNTRun 2.2.4

TNTRun minigame

  1. Update

    Small improvements and fixes
  2. Bugfix update

    Fixed random errors in game ending task
  3. Update

    Fix players able to drop super jump items and some blocks not remove in lite mode
  4. Add some sounds

    In this build added some sounds to countdown
  5. Update

    Some bug fixes and other stuff.
    Removing old config file is recommended.
  6. Big Update

    - Big performance update
    - Added option to disable falling blocks
    - Added players left tip message
    - Added /tntrun join, quit and about commands
    - Added better color support to join sign
    - Added super jump item
    - Join signs are now disabled by default
    - Much bug fixes
    - Better anti afk

    Due to big changes in config file you have to remove old config file to get all features working correctly.