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Welcome 2.3

Authorization system supported SQLite, MySQL, YAML

  1. augesrob
    Compatible API Versions:
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    Full Credit: fromgate

    Authorization plugin

    Latest dev build


    • Saving player information in YAML-files or in database (SQLite, MySQL)
    • Built-in password validator
    • Supporting popular hash-algortihms: plain-text :), md5, sha-1, sha-256 and sha-512
    • Remember players (for configured amount of time) and allow to login without entering password)
    • Language file support. You can easily translate plugin!

    Database support
    Welcome plugin can store data in YAML-files and in MySQL or SQLite database. Database support provided by plugin DbLib.


Recent Reviews

  1. RizenSoulja
    Version: 2.3
    Great Plugin But needs one small feature:

    "Password Censo"r for when someone accidentally types there password into chat after they have already logged in, itll censor it and send a messages warning them not to type there password into chat