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Experimental ZChat 1.0.28 BETA

Most advanced text formatting plugin for NukkitX

  1. Zen
    Compatible API Versions:

    ZChat is most advanced yet easy to setup text formatting plugin for NukkitX

    Your server's warranty is now void. Kidding.
    This plugin is still in beta to show the features and take bug reports and suggestions.
    Try to contact me if you find any bug instead of leaving a bad review.

    Update notice:
    1.0.19 BETA

    〘⌬〙Add alphanumeric check for nicknames

    Add for enabling/disabling the check or it will stay disabled

    Code (Text):
    #If players should be able to use characters outside of AlphaNumeric (A - Z, 0 - 9)
    NickAllowAlphaNumeric: false
    1.0.16 BETA

    〘⌬〙Fixed text coloring for everyone.

    Now only players with the permission: zchat.text.color can color texts.

    〘⌬〙Added text censoring.

    Use the permission
    zchat.bypass.censor to bypass

    Configure texts in BlockedTexts.yml

    〘⌬〙Added text blocking.

    Use the permission zchat.bypass.block to bypass

    Configure texts in BlockedTexts.yml

    For LuckChat Users:

    If you want to migrate to ZChat, just enable both plugin and type in /zchat migrate all. Your formats will be migrated to ZChat automatically.


    The features below can be formatted per-world and per-group.

    〘⌬〙Chat formatting

    〘⌬〙NameTag formatting

    〘⌬〙Join and Quit message formatting

    〘⌬〙Death message formatting

    〘⌬〙Command blocker


    〘⌬〙Chat cooldown

    〘⌬〙Text blocking

    〘⌬〙Text censoring

    〘⌬〙Command cooldown

    〘⌬〙Private message revealing

    〘⌬〙And how about you tell me about the next one

    Compatible with:

    You can use placeholders from the plugins down below.







    Permission providers:

    Permission providers will provide the per-group settings for formats.




    Plugin will run in Standalone mode if no permission providers found which will provide groups, prefix, suffix from itself.


    Placeholders are provided by first party completely. But will support permission provider, faction and economy placeholders.

    〘⌬〙Use & for text color format. Example: &c Text

    〘⌬〙Use PlaceholderAPI for better performance

    %name%Player name
    %nick%Player's nick name (DisplayName)
    %player_health%Player's current health
    %player_max_health%Player's maximum health
    %player_saturation%Player's saturation
    %player_food%Player's food level
    %player_uuid%Player's UUID (Unique ID)
    %player_ping%Player's ping
    %player_level%Name of the world player is in
    %player_can_fly%If player can fly or not
    %player_flying%If player is flying or not
    %player_gamemode%Player's gamemode
    %player_x%Player's X position
    %player_y%Player's Y position
    %player_z%Player's Z position
    %player_direction%Player's view direction
    %player_exp%Player's experience
    %player_exp_to_next%How much experience does player to reach next level
    %player_exp_level%Player's experience level
    %player_speed%Player's speed
    %player_item_in_hand%What item is player holding
    %helmet_slot%Item in player's helmet slot
    %chest_slot%Item in player's chest slot
    %leggings_slot%Item in player's legging slot
    %boots_slot%Item in player's boot slot
    %player_ip%Player's IP
    %scale%Player's scale/size
    %server_online%Current online player count
    %server_max_players%Maximum player slots
    %server_motd%Server MOTD
    %server_tps%Server TPS
    %healthbar%Display a health bar (experimental)
    %device%Which device player is using
    %is_muted%If player is muted or not
    %%nNew line character \n
    %%tNew line character \t
    %%rNew line character \r
    %msg% Player's message (Only for chat formatting)
    Group manager placeholders: ZChat will provide them in Standalone mode
    %prefix% Permission provider prefix
    %suffix% Permission provider suffix
    %group% Player's group
    Other third party placeholders: Specific plugin will be needed to use these
    %money% Player's currency
    %faction% Player's faction

    〘⌬〙Argument [player] is where you type in player's name
    〘⌬〙Argument [group] is the specific group you are trying to use/add
    〘⌬〙Argument [world] is the specific world you're trying to use/add. You may only use this if you want to use Per-world formatting
    〘⌬〙Argument [format] is the format you're setting

    CommandSubcommand arguments permissiondescription
    zchat reload zchat.command.settings Reload zchat config data
    mute [player] zchat.command.settings.mute Mute a player
    unmute [player] zchat.command.settings.mute Unmute a muted player
    migrate chat zchat.command.settings Migrate chat format from LuckChat
    tagzchat.command.settings Migrate tag format from LuckChat
    allzchat.command.settings Migrate all from LuckChat
    setchat[group] [world] [format]zchat.command.chatformat Set chat format
    settag[group] [world] [format]zchat.command.tagformat Set name tag format
    setdeath[type] [group] [world] [format]zchat.command.deathformat Set death format
    setjoin[group] [format]zchat.command.joinmessage Set player join message
    setleave[group] [format] zchat.command.leavemessage Set player quit message
    nick setzchat.command.nick Set your nickname (display name)
    [player]zchat.command.nick.others Set a player's nickname
    resetzchat.command.nick Reset your nickname
    [player]zchat.command.nick.others Reset a player's nickname
    Standalone mode only
    group add[group]zchat.command.groupAdd a standalone group
    remove[group]zchat.command.group Remove a standalone group
    checkzchat.command.group Check available groups
    addplayer[group] [player]zchat.command.group Add a player to standalone group
    prefix set[prefix]zchat.command.prefix Set your prefix
    removezchat.command.prefix Remove your prefix
    setp[player] [prefix]zchat.command.prefix Set a player's prefix
    removep[player]zchat.command.prefix Remove a player's prefix
    suffix set[suffix] zchat.command.suffix Set your suffix
    remove zchat.command.suffix Remove your suffix
    setp[suffix] zchat.command.suffix Set a player's suffix
    removep zchat.command.suffix Remove a player's suffix

    Got more stuff such as explaining configs but I need a little break

    〘⌬〙AD blocker
    〘⌬〙Chat bubbles
    〘⌬〙More placeholders
    〘⌬〙More commands
    〘⌬〙First-time config
    〘⌬〙And a few other plans which are hard to explain or too technical
    〘⌬〙Me being less lazy and release more updates

    If you find any bugs or got suggestion, hit me up on Discord @ Zen#7092

Recent Reviews

  1. abhisantos
    Version: 1.0.28 BETA
    The permissions don't work. People without /nick permission can change their nicks.
    Also nametags are not working.
    Plugin is good but needs some fix for permissions and nametags
  2. goodlucky
    Version: 1.0.28 BETA
    I think this plugin have a bug. If the last character of the command is blank, plugin say you are typing commands so fast. I don't type fast. I set to 1 second. What is wrong?
  3. OwnerSCIFahrul
    Version: 1.0.28 BETA
    in join and leave message, please can disable and enable per group, including chat format can disable and enable per group
  4. OwnerSCIFahrul
    Version: 1.0.21 BETA
    Please add function placeholder: %time%
    1. Zen
      Author's Response
      Please use PlaceholderAPI, which allows to use that placeholder
  5. DeluxeCraft
    Version: 1.0.19 BETA
    Best chat management plugin ever!
  6. CannedMan100000
    Version: 1.0.16 BETA
    This is a nice plugin, but I when I type in chat, nothing shows up
    1. Zen
      Author's Response
      Did you configure the plugin accordingly? And what permission manager do you use?
  7. Jassyel
    Version: 1.0.15 BETA
    Amazing plugins, The best in terms of chat management
  8. DobeShadow
    Version: 1.0.14 BETA
    This plugin is great useful. It solves many problems. I like it I like it and give you five stars.
  9. jbreadtoasted
    Version: 1.0.14 BETA
    This plugin is amazing!!!! I really love it and thank you so much for this plugin on nukkit its the only one i have found to work with luck perms properly as of this moment. Truly an awesome plugin!
  10. Huo_Yu
    Version: 1.0.14 BETA
    What a nice plugin,btw can i introduce it to www.mcbbs.net ,which is the largest forum about Mincraft in China.I will mark you as the author
    1. Zen
      Author's Response
      Give proper credits and link this site and you're good to go.