1. J

    How to set showCoordinates and Simulation distance?

    Even if I'm an operator, it doesn't let me change these settings in game via the "Game" menu, and I can't find a configuration file that lets you set these. I know you can set showCoordinates with the command /gamerule showCoordinates true, but I don't believe this is permanent.
  2. Mundschutziii

    Nemisys commands

    Hi, is it possible to execute Nemisy's commands ingame? I have not found a way for players to execute Nemisys commands yet.
  3. SuprexDE

    Experimental BetterCommands | GERMAN/DEUTSCH 1.0

    BETTERCOMMANDS Mit diesen Plugin könnt ihr fliegen, euch heilen und mehr! Das Plugin ist ideal für Handy-Spieler geeignet weil die Commands sehr kurz sind. /cc - Funktion: Lösche den Chat - Permission: /heal - Funktion: Heile dich - Permission: bc.heal /me - Funktion: Der Befehl /me...