How does Nukkit manage permissions?


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Hello, I've been thinking about making a personalized permissions plugin for my server. And yes, I know there are really powerful permission and group managing plugins like luckperms; however, I'd like to try myself and for experience and to learn more about the API.

I currently have settup in my plugin the ability to create, delete and set groups to players. I'm not sure how I should proceed or how to set permissions to each group.

Any recommendations on what I should do to proceed would be great!


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Hello iAtomPlaza...

I've already read your post, but I don't understand why you want to do it anyway.

I would recommend you to use the LP Api.
If you want to do it in Commands, I would intercept the command, find out what permission the command needs, check the Config to see if the player has that permission, and if so, set the player as Op, execute the command as in, and then take Op away.

Greetings Redstoneking18