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NotMeXboxLiveAuth 1.1.2

Allows specified players to bypass Xbox Live Auth!

  1. Johnmacrocraft
    Compatible API Versions:
    - General
    This plugin allows specified players to bypass Xbox Live Auth. It can be used on servers that want to allow both premium and cracked players to join, or by developers if they want to test things.

    - How to use
    Use xboxlist command to manage the list.

    - Commands & Permissions
    All commands are only accessible by operators unless permissions are manually added.
    notmexboxliveauth (Main permission)
    xboxlist (main)Manages the list of players allowed to bypass Xbox Live Authnotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist
    ⌞addAdds player to xboxlistnotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.add
    ⌞removeRemoves player from xboxlistnotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.remove
    ⌞listLists xboxlist playersnotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.list
    ⌞invertSets or gets invert modenotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.invert
    ⌞prefixSets or gets guest prefixesnotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.prefix
    ⌞reloadReloads xboxlistnotmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.reload

    - Warning
    As this plugin allows specified players to bypass Xbox Live Auth, anyone can log in with the username on the list. Therefore, you need to install secondary auth plugin on your server to prevent anyone accessing the account.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.1.2 release

Recent Reviews

  1. OwnerSCIFahrul
    Version: 1.1.2
    please update NotMeXboxLiveAuth and fix the plugin, there is an error
    or it doesn't work red? please immediately function, I need it!
    1. Johnmacrocraft
      Author's Response
      Hello, I just tested the plugin several times and there was no errors and problems with it; all the features were working properly. Are you sure that it is caused by my plugin? If so, with which plugins and what is the Nukkit version? It would be appreciated if you use the GitHub issue tracker to provide more information.