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pmanvil-converter 2018-02-04

Tool for converting from PMAnvil (*.mcapm) format to Anvil (*.mca) for migrating from Pocketmine

  1. magicus
    This tool can convert worlds from PocketMine so that they are usable by Nukkit.

    It is available on this Github page:

    If you need assistance in running it, please let me know here on the forum.
    If you have found a bug, let me know here, or open an issue in Github.

Recent Reviews

  1. RizenSoulja
    Version: 2018-02-04
    You are a LIFE SAVER! I thought i was going to have to rebuild everything. THank you so much for this!

    Also, mabye some written instructions would be good. (just a suggestion for noob devs like myself.)