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GAC 1.0.2

Simple AntiCheat plugin

  1. CreeperFace
    Compatible API Versions:
    build 72
    Simple AntiCheat plugin.

    This plugin requires KotlinLib installed!

    GAC should block:
    • fly
    • speed
    • aimbots
    • glide
    • highjump
    • jesus
    • nuker
    • speedmine
    • teleport
    • noclip
    • reach
    • spider
    • fast ladder
    • fast jump

    GAC doesn't (can't) block:
    • hitbox (for now)
    • kill aura (doesn't exist fortunately)

    GAC supports:
    • custom motion
    • kicking cheaters (bans aren't implemented due to reliability)

    GAC doesn't support or doesn't check players on:
    • cobweb
    • elytra
    • vehicles
    • creative or with fly/noclip enabled
    • sprinting and jumping on ice (sometimes)
    • very fast teleport (many times per second) might cause glitches


    #GAC configuration file
    version: 1 #do not modify this

    #whether GAC will be active in all levels (if not changed below) or not
    default_active: true

    #add all worlds where AC should be in the opposite state than #default_active property
    excluded_levels: [""]
    #excluded_levels: ["world1", "test", "survival world"]

    #if true, plugin will kick the player if detects cheats
    kick_players: true

    #if true, anticheat will checks even OP players
    check_ops: false

    #manage all available checks (enable/disable)
      speed: true #vertical and horizontal speed
     fly: true #fly and other invalid movement checks
     speedmine: true
      nuker: false #checks if player can see the block (this check takes a bit more CPU than other checks)
     glide: true
      teleport: true
      noclip: true
      spam: true
      reach: true
      aimbot: true

      spam_delay: 8 #delay between messages #currently not implemented
     hit_range: 4 #max hit range

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Aeternia Inc.
    Aeternia Inc.
    Version: 1.0.2
    Version: 1.0.1
    I like it, But I hope if we can change the messages!, For example if there is anyone have fly hack and if he is kicked we want select custom message of the kick!.
    1. CreeperFace
      Author's Response
      Hi thank you. I added a simply configuration.
  3. NycuRO
    Version: 1.0.1
    good job bro (y)
  4. xiaozha13
    Version: 1.0
    good plugin
    1. CreeperFace
      Author's Response
      thank you