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More Placeholders 1.3

Placeholders from LuckPerms, Multipass, SynapseAPI, EconomyAPI and other plugins

  1. CreeperFace
    Compatible API Versions:
    CreeperFace, Zen
    Placeholder provider for various plugins (more placeholders will be added later)
    You can tell me your opinions on discord or PR directly to my github repository.

    This plugin requires PlaceholderAPI installed

    %has_pemission<permission>% - returns whether the player has a certain permission
    %player_item_in_hand_id% - returns id of the held item​

    %economy_money% - returns current player balance​

    %factions_faction% - returns player's current faction name​

    List of all LuckPerms placeholders can be found here

    However the variables must be included in PlaceholderAPI style, for example %luckperms_meta<meta key>%

    %multipass_prefix% - returns prefix of a player
    %multipass_suffix% - returns suffix of a player
    %multipass_group% - returns main player's group
    %multipass_groups% - returns all player's groups
    %multipass_group_prefix<group>% - returns group prefix
    %multipass_group_suffix<group>% - returns group suffix
    %multipass_groups_priority<group>% - returns group priority​

    • %res_user_current_owner% - returns current residence owner name
    • %res_user_current_rent_ends% - returns time when rent ends
    • %res_user_current_rent_days% - returns number of days you can rent area
    • %res_user_current_rented_by% - returns player name who is renting area
    • %res_user_current_rent_price% - returns area price if its for rent
    • %res_user_current_for_rent% - returns true or false if area is for rent
    • %res_user_current_sale_price% - return sale price
    • %res_user_current_for_sale% - return true or false if area is for sale
    • %res_user_current_bank% - returns residence bank amount
    • %res_user_current% - returns name of current residence
    • %res_user_block_cost% - returns players block buy cost
    • %res_user_max_rentables% - returns players max rentable residences player can have
    • %res_user_max_sub_depth% - returns max allowed subzone depth
    • %res_user_max_zones% - returns max subzone amount player can have
    • %res_user_max_h% - returns max size in height
    • %res_user_max_l% - returns max size in lenght
    • %res_user_max_w% - returns max size in width
    • %res_user_can_create% - returns true or false if player can create residences
    • %res_user_amount% - returns amount of residences player currently have
    • %res_user_admin% - returns true or false depending if player is res admin or not
    • %res_user_group% - returns players residence group

    %synapse_server% - returns current synapse server description
    %synapse_servers% - returns list of all the servers connected to nemisys
    %synapse_players<server>% - returns actual player count on the target server
    %synapse_max_players<server>%- returns max player count on the target server
    %synapse_status<server>% - return status of the server (online/offline) - the values can be modified by parameters "true" and "false"​

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.3
  2. Version 1.2
  3. Version 1.1